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We provide a high standard of professional and timely solutions to our customers and because of this, we expect the same level from our suppliers. We offer a wide range of water filters, water purifiers, water filter cartridges and filtration systems for your residential home, your office or even your caravan.

Puretec Undersink Filters

Puretec Undersink Cartridge & UV Filtration

Puretec Undersink Cartridge Filtration Systems are designed for alternative water supplies where no power supply is available. It uses a washable filter cartridge and silver impregnated cartridge to prevent bacterial growth.

Puretec Undersink UV Filtration Systems are specifically designed to kill harmful microorganisms in untreated water supplies and uses Radfire™ UV technology to kill 99.9% of bacteria, this systems is eco-friendly and does not use chemicals.

Puretec Whole of House Filters

Puretec Whole of House Filtration

Puretec Whole of House filtration systems are the appropriate choice for providing safe, clean, healthy water throughout the house or the office. Providing maximum filtration with minimal flow restriction these high flow systems, ensure that your home is free of sludge and sediment. Some models additionally reduce bad taste and odours.

These systems provide peace-of-mind throughout the house protecting appliances from sediment and sludge build-up and extending the service life of ceramic disc tapware. The EM2-60 and EM2-110 additionally reduce taste, odours and chemicals. Enjoy purified water at every outlet in the house

Puretec Hybrid Filters

Puretec Whole Of house UV System

Designed for both mains and rainwater supply, this filter system is highly effective in eliminating 99.9% bacteria and parasites in your water. Enjoy the peace of mind of safe, purified water at every outlet in the house. The Puretec Hybrid system is highly effective and efficient in reducing taste, odour, chemicals and sediment in your water, giving good general purpose filtration.

Thanks to its advanced UV technology – called Radfire™ – the Hybrid series kills 99.9% of tank water bacteria. Nothing else even comes close. Radfire™ is a natural water purification process, that’s ecofriendly and completely chemical free. So you get safe, purified water at every outlet in the house.

The Hybrid series incorporates Puretec’s long life filter technology, so you can go longer between filter replacements, and comes with our 3 Year Platinum Protection Warranty

Puretec tank safe

Rainwater Tank Purifier – Tanksafe™

Tanksafe works to kill organisms or pathogens rendering the water safe to drink. The major advantage of this is it’s cost-effective, easy to apply and monitor, and this remedy does not leave harmful residues.

Puretec TankSafe™ is low cost and non-toxic. While most chemicals used for water disinfection are toxic (some are even known carcinogens), Puretec TankSafe™ will stay in your tank and keep it protected from bacteria and pathogens for up to 2 months.

A 2 litre bottle will treat up to 32,000 litres of Rainwater.

Filter Range

Replacement Filter Cartridges

We offer Puretec’s extensive range of water filter cartridges. These cartridges utilise leading edge technology to ensure that cartridges last longer whilst removing maximum impurities.

The compatible cartridge range suits a variety of brands and a variety of sizes; 10 inch, 20 inch length and 2 ½ inch and 4 ½ diameter and there is a variety of types for removing different contaminants.

It is recommended to replace your filter’s cartridges every 6 months, after 6 months of use a filter cartridge can potentially stop filtering and begin to harbour bacteria. If you are unsure if your filters need replacing or need them replaced call us on (07) 3289 1888 and arrange a time for our technicians to inspect the system.

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