irrigation pipe

Micro Irrigation Pipes & Fittings

Drippers, sprays and sprinklers can be connected directly to the pipe or a riser tube can be used to position them away from the pipe, in a more appropriate position. 


Sprinklers & Sprays

Our pop up range includes HR, Hunter, and Rainbird plus many more. We also stock a large range of other sprinklers including impacts, butterfly sprinklers and wobblers

irrigation dripper pipe

Drip Irrigation

Netafim™ the Leader in Drip Irrigation! With more than 40 years of experience in drip irrigation for demanding agricultural applications, Netafim™ has also been pioneering innovations in drip irrigation for the landscape industry.

Irrigation Controller

Controllers, Sensors & Valves

We carry a full range of controllers from Hunter, Orbit, Galcon and Rainbird.
Sensors and valves can be supplied by Hunter and Rainbird.

Irrigation Filter


We sell a range of irrigation filters to suit many irrigation applications.

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